Dice IT Solutions d/b/a TECHPROJECTS, (“TECHPROJECTS”) is a New Jersey and New York City certified MBE (Minority Owned Business Enterprise) Information Technology business enterprise with 9 plus years of experience in developing IT Projects, delivering Systems Integration, Application Development, and IT Staffing services to the government and private sectors.

TECHPROJECTS’s standardized and repeatable approach to effectively deliver technology projects is steeped in our experience from implementing successful public sector solutions. Our methodology follows a clear definition of project goals and values, defines the roles of each stakeholders, leverages best-practices in tools and processes, incorporates time-proven change management activities, and is guided by stringent implementation processes to ensure that projects are implemented with the highest quality and delivers the defined value.
The foundation of our project delivery approach is based on a set of core principles which drives our delivery methodology and serves as an anchor-point for all activities that take place on every project. Our core delivery principles are as follows:

  • Define Value and Clear Objectives

TECHPROJECTS strongly believes the key to a successful implementation lies in the value the project is expected to deliver. Project value is clearly defined, is measureable, and is explicitly understood by all stakeholders and team members. Project scope is also be clearly defined and explicitly understood. All questions of scope encountered through the course of the project relate back to project value to ensure proper focus.

  • Leverage and Rely on Experience

TECHPROJECTS is made up of skilled Subject Matter Experts (SME) who has the top industry training and certifications and spend their day, every day, focused on customer service and system implementations—this is all we do. We also employ deep domain expertise in custom application development best practices to help our customer achieve process efficiencies, lower handle time (patient care), and overall customer satisfaction. Our practices cover the full spectrum of business and technological activities and approaches needed to create, maintain and evolve knowledge bases as effective, high-value resources to the organization. All of TECHPROJECTS’s practices are led by practice leads with over 15 years’ experience designing business process delivery systems for support, in many governments and municipalities, and can be tailored to meet the scope, strategy and requirements of our customers.

  • Embrace World-Class Project Management

TECHPROJECTS’ Project Management Institute’s (“PMI”) Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) standards-based methodology is a best-practice, widely used method for project management. We leverage this methodology and supporting tools to ensure all aspects of project management are effectively executed. Additionally, TECHPROJECTS has project managers certified in CMMI-DEV, Six Sigma, ITIL, Agile, and other industry standards. The best-practices from all are applied to TECHPROJECTS’s project management approach through a Project Management Office that continually measures and improves our approach to project management.

  • Deliver with Quality

TECHPROJECTS has an established Advisory and Governance Team with representatives from all technology and industry sectors. Once defined, project approach is reviewed with this team to ensure all best-practices, knowledge, experience and key learning are considered and applied. Reviews occur several times through the project lifecycle.

  • Enable Self-Sufficiency

An effective project implementation requires a complete knowledge and understanding of each customer’s day-to-day operations. During the discovery phase, TECHPROJECTS’ solution consultant/architect and Business Analysts meet with stakeholders to understand workflow and process requirements. Once we have gained this understanding, our design and development teams use best-practices in technology to implement these workflows. TECHPROJECTS implementations include a combination of classroom-based training led by our instructors and structured workshops led by industry specialists. This approach ensures a proper balance of tool knowledge (technical) and practical application knowledge (operational) and enables customers to easily adjust to business and technology changes without heavy reliance on a services engagement.

  • Communicate

TECHPROJECTS believes in full transparency to ensure a successful, long-term relationship with our customers. Effective communication starts with clear identification of the project stakeholders and participants along with his/her associated roles and responsibilities on the project. This is followed by clearly defined channels of communication and the utilization of the appropriate tools to facilitate communication. Prior to project kick-off, the TECHPROJECTS Project Managers work with the customer’s Project Sponsor, Project Managers, Business Leads and Stakeholders to establish a contact list with associated roles and responsibilities. A series of communication channels are defined with the schedule for use along with supporting tools. Typical communication channels and supporting tools include: Status Meetings, Daily Scrums, Executive Steering Committee Meeting, Project Log, Project Plan, and Risk Log just to name a few.

  • Manage Risk Proactively

TECHPROJECTS’ deep experience in system implementations affords us, and therefore our customers, the benefit of our ability to anticipate need and identify risk areas while risk is low. Mitigation plans are commonly an approach we pull off the shelf versus a theory or science project.

  • Establish Ownership through Governance

Executive sponsors from customer and TECHPROJECTS are identified and a formal governance structure put in place. The purpose of governance is to keep Executive sponsors and key stakeholders updated on project status and allow for an escalation point for matters that cannot be resolved by the project team.

  • More Than Implementation

TECHPROJECTS’s approach to project implementation does not end with the initial project go-live. Members of the project team remain active in supporting the customer staff after go-live. A formal introduction to the Support organization and the procedures for engaging support are conducted prior to go-live. Beyond project implementation an ongoing review is established between key customer stakeholders and members of TECHPROJECTS’s services, contract management, and support team to ensure ongoing success.
The following resources are available to fulfill customer requirements based on our offered services:
• Project Managers /Product Managers
• Application Developers
• Business/Systems Analysts/Scrum Masters
• Quality Assurance Specialists
• IT Specialists – Enterprise Architects / Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
• Solution Engineers
• Computer Specialists
Project Managers/Product managers: TECHPROJECTS Projects Managers/Product managers have the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of our customer’s project.
Application Developers: TECHPROJECTS application programmers are responsible for designing, developing and testing program logic, coding programs, program documentation and preparation of programs for computer system/application operations.
Business/Systems Analysts/Scrum Masters: TECHPROJECTS Business/Systems analysts/Scrum Masters help evaluate our customer’s procedures and systems in order to develop insights into how to make changes to assist the business in operating more efficiently.
Quality Assurance (QA) Specialists: TECHPROJECTS QA Specialists are responsible for conducting quality testing sessions to identify possible technical problems, eliminating software quality issues before implementation, and creating specialized reports regarding software bugs/issues.
Sr. IT Specialists: TECHPROJECTS IT Specialists which includes Enterprise Architects / Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) examine and analyze what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced Information Technology world, and which technologies are doing it best. Our IT Specialists then strategize using smart tools and system resources in order to understand the implications of every choice our clients can make.
Solution Engineers: TECHPROJECTS solution engineers are responsible to design and provide the solution to business requirement of the customers, their design document is the base for review the application engineers, business analysts and database administrators to follow for the further development work
Computer Specialists: TECHPROJECTS Computer Specialists (include a wide range of Technical Leads, Data Analysts, Network Administrators, Document Specialists / Technical Writers, Database Administrators, change management and helpdesk specialists) who cater to their individual roles and responsibilities effectively by providing excellent maintenance and administrations and support in their respective area of IT expertise. They Understand business and technology needs. They aid in Designing, analyzing and implementing efficient IT systems.