Just like the way you explain your needs and requirements to a building engineer and architect when building a house, we will spend time with you and go over the plans, and ideas. We will show you the various creative solutions, yet cheap in price. It may be out-of-the-box from Oracle* ERP functionalities or custom designed solutions derived from the standard eBusiness products or Oracle Middleware or from Open source Java technology.

Building Tomorrow’s “Ever Changing Business” automation with latest Technology
‘Latest but optimize’ is the secret for today’s leading enterprise CFOs. In a constantly evolving business environment, it is imperative to future-proof your business, realize the full potential of technology breakthroughs while sustaining profitability in a competitive world.
Pre-packaged business applications Like Oracle* eBusiness, PeopleSoft, Siebel from leading global product vendors provide best kind of business processes. This facilitates cutting-edge technologies for evolving a comprehensive IT needs for your organization. Also organizations need latest technology expertise combined with deep industry knowledge to successfully execute business agendas with robust IT strategies.
At the same time, to achieve competitive advantage, companies are increasingly looking towards adoption of technology-driven business models to build their IT infrastructure and enterprise architecture.

“Client deliverables have been met and exceeded”

Our resources have a better view of deliverables needed for the upcoming day, week, and beyond and are working much more efficiently.

Fixed Price model offered by “TechProjects” are as given below:

  • Fixed Price model demands that the scope of work, the milestones and the final deliverables are clearly defined and agreed between our client and TechProjects.
  • Project requirements are very clearly defined at the start of the project.
  • Standard IT operational procedures need to be followed by client and us.
  • Periodic reviews have to be carried out throughout the course of the project.
  • Billing is typically done in phases. A standard phased approach is as below:
    • 20 percent of the total amount as an advance upon award of project.
    • 30 percent on completion of detailed requirements and specifications, detailed design, project plans, and test cases.
    • 40 percent on completion of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of deliverable.
    • 10 percent on production and go-live.


Assume a supply chain company awarded an Oracle EBS R12 implementation to “TechProjects” for a price of US $140,000. TechProjects submitted a proposal in which the project will be completed in a span of 4 months, with 2 weeks of production support.

Another example of a fixed price contract is the award of a Support & Maintenance and Quality Assurance contract by a manufacturing company to “TechProjects” a vendor who will maintain the client’s legacy applications for a fixed period of 3 years at a fixed price of US $3.5 million. The billing in this case could be monthly as opposed to a milestone based billing.


  • This is arguably the only model that will provide an accurate forecast of budgets.
  • As it is a fixed price project, it will enable the client organization to get the best return on investment if the estimates have been drawn accurately.

“TechProjects” will also be able to make strategic investments into their own technology practices as well as into client relationship management.