Company Overview

DICE IT SOLUTIONS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY D/B/A TECHPROJECTS (“TECHPROJECTS”) is a New Jersey Corporation and New Jersey and New York City certified MBE (Minority Owned Business Enterprise) Information Technology business enterprise with 9 plus years of experience in delivering Systems Integration, Application Development, and IT Staffing services to the government and private sectors.

TECHPROJECTS is currently made up of Seven skilled Subject Matter Experts (SME) who possess top industry training and certifications and spend their day, every day, focused on customer service and system implementations—this is all we do. Our present employees’ strength on W2 is 48. We also employ deep domain expertise in agile custom application development best practices to help our customer achieve process efficiencies, lower handle time (patient care), and overall customer satisfaction. Our practices cover the full spectrum of business and technological activities and approaches needed to create, maintain and evolve knowledge bases as effective, high-value resources to the organization. All of TECHPROJECTS’s services are led by practice leads with over 15 years’ experience designing business process delivery systems for support, in many governments and municipalities, and can be tailored to meet the scope, strategy and requirements of our customers.
TECHPROJECTS offers a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help manage and grow our customer’s business. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions. TECHPROJECTS exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity. Our expertise is in the following areas:
High Performance Consulting: With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take our customer’s business to the next level. At TECHPROJECTS, we combine our insights and skills to transform their processes and strategies, and in turn, their company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients’ structure and manage their business.
Public Sector Consulting: Our customers are looking to develop their Public Sector business and need help planning or executing their next project. We help organizations move forward by building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving technology environment.
Application and Systems Development: With years of experience, our technology experts have the capabilities and expertise to take projects to the next level. At TECHPROJECTS, we use the best in breed technologies and frameworks to bring our customer’s vision to life.
Business Support: TECHPROJECTS will help our customers define user expectations for a new project being built or modified. Requirements analysis encompasses those tasks that go into determining the needs or conditions to meet for a new or existing project, taking account of the possibly conflicting requirements of the various stakeholders.

The following resources are available to fulfill customer requirements based on our offered services:
• Project Managers /Product Managers
• Application Developers
• Business/Systems Analysts/Scrum Masters
• Quality Assurance Specialists
• IT Specialists – Enterprise Architects / Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
• Solution Engineers
• Computer Specialists
TECHPROJECTS’s core organizational best practices for managing project cost and schedule include:
• Project Planning – Establish and maintain schedules, resources, and processes
• Measurement and Control – Provide visibility into progress
• Peer Reviews – Identify and eliminate defects
• Risk Management – Reduce the likelihood of unforeseen events
• Configuration Management – Control work products throughout the life cycle
• Quality Assurance – Verify adherence to requirements
• Status Reporting – Keep stakeholders informed
• Effective Meetings – Conduct productive meetings
• Project Management Reviews – Ensure adherence to PMI best practices through PMO oversight.

TECHPROJECTS is a small minority owned business and does not intend to use any subcontractors.

TECHPROJECTS’ organizational management approach for IT Projects leverages tested and proven program management approach, knowledge gained from successes, and lessons learned from partnering with customers to provide exceptional support and meet all project assignment deliverables. TECHPROJECTS’s management approach leverages common processes based on ISO Quality Management, Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and ITIL framework best practices. We establish performance metrics to measure progress and actively maintain continuous process improvement that will improve efficiency and drive down cost. TECHPROJECTS has created a document repository using Microsoft SharePoint that maintains a historical copy of all contract, project, cost, and performance-related reports, briefings and presentation. Our management team will provide our customers with total cost and performance visibility.
Using MS Project, TECHPROJECTS develops and maintains a master schedule detailing all performance and contract deliverables. Our project schedule tracks each project and task phase by fiscal year. The schedules are updated and posted weekly to show weekly and monthly progress as project/work timelines are rescheduled by customer’s management team. TECHPROJECTS team members submit weekly status and monthly progress reports that summarize all initial, ongoing, and completed work.
Accounting System: TECHPROJECTS uses QuickBooks online as its accounting system. QuickBooks Online offers an easy way to manage our business finances and accounting. Using QuickBooks TECHPROJECTS can submit invoices, manage and pay bills, and accept business payments. QuickBooks Online helps TECHPROJECTS track financial data and get improved insights into our business.
Payroll Services: TECHPROJECTS uses ADP for payroll and tax filing purposes. Adp Payroll is loaded with features and automation that lets us pay our employees faster and without hassles. The system instantly generates unlimited paychecks; perform payroll taxes calculations automatically. The Adp Payroll service is also built with all the features TECHPROJECTS needs to effectively manage our employees. The system also keeps up with existing mandatory policies, including poster compliance in accordance with Federal and State labor laws. The system comes with hiring tools and tips to help TECHPROJECTS access valuable business advice as well as guides to help us attract and acquire top talents. Adp Payroll also helps in improving the cash flow of our business by ensuring that we compensate your workers accurately. With the system’s integrated workers’ compensation payment service, TECHPROJECTS only pays what we owe our employees.

TECHPROJECTS has the following resources currently in-house:
Project Managers/Product managers: TECHPROJECTS Projects Managers/Product managers have the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of our customer’s project.

Application Developers: TECHPROJECTS application programmers are responsible for designing, developing and testing program logic, coding programs, program documentation and preparation of programs for computer system/application operations.

Business/Systems Analysts/Scrum Masters: TECHPROJECTS Business/Systems analysts/Scrum Masters help evaluate our customer’s procedures and systems in order to develop insights into how to make changes to assist the business in operating more efficiently.

Quality Assurance (QA) Specialists: TECHPROJECTS QA Specialists are responsible for conducting quality testing sessions to identify possible technical problems, eliminating software quality issues before implementation, and creating specialized reports regarding software bugs/issues.

Sr. IT Specialists: TECHPROJECTS IT Specialists which includes Enterprise Architects / Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) examine and analyze what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced Information Technology world, and which technologies are doing it best. Our IT Specialists then strategize using smart tools and system resources in order to understand the implications of every choice our clients can make.

Solution Engineers: TECHPROJECTS solution engineers are responsible to design and provide the solution to business requirement of the customers, their design document is the base for review the application engineers, business analysts and database administrators to follow for the further development work

Computer Specialists: TECHPROJECTS Computer Specialists (include a wide range of Technical Leads, Data Analysts, Network Administrators, Document Specialists / Technical Writers, Database Administrators, change management and helpdesk specialists) who cater to their individual roles and responsibilities effectively by providing excellent maintenance and administrations and support in their respective area of IT expertise. They Understand business and technology needs. They aid in Designing, analyzing and implementing efficient IT systems.


TECHPROJECTS management will utilize our proven and successful staffing approach to effectively support and complete IT professional services projects.
Government Experience: TECHPROJECTS is a proven subcontractor and our management team has a depth of government experience that provides us unique insights on the types of candidates who are qualify and possess the skills to succeed on government IT projects.

Operations Management Team: TECHPROJECTS’s Account Management team has worked with Government agencies directly and indirectly since 2014 (5+ years). As part of larger professional services organizations, we have successfully fulfilled time sensitive and urgent IT professional needs on multiple contracts similar to the requirements of this GSA IT Schedule 70 contract. Our team has in-depth experience and comprehensive understanding and familiarity in recruiting qualified candidates for the government’s IT ecosystem.

Expert Recruiters: TECHPROJECTS’s team of technical recruiters possess a combined 20+ years of expertise in identifying qualified candidates for IT staffing/consulting requirements. Our recruiting team’s government experience and institutional knowledge of the technological landscape and environments within these agencies will enable us to source qualified candidates who meet or exceed the required skill and experience criteria under this GSA contract.

Job Portals and Social Media: TECHPROJECTS will use corporate subscriptions to some of the largest on-line job portals which will provide us with the capability to not only search for qualified candidates based on the position requirements but also post job advertisements for potential candidates who are actively looking for employment. These subscriptions will include job portals such as Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder etc and also huge recruitment databases such as Oorwin, Maxhire, Bullhorn etc. TECHPROJECTS recruiters have extensively leveraged the access to these job portals and databases and sourced qualified candidates for submission to government agencies.

TECHPROJECTS recruiters and operations teams will also use LinkedIn, which is a very powerful business networking tool. TECHPROJECTS team becomes part of various technology forums and IT groups related to key technologies being used by the government agencies. This gives them access to many qualified professionals who could be potential candidates for project requirements. The TECHPROJECTS team will also use LinkedIn to post open job advertisements for our IT requirements.
In addition to these job portals, TECHPROJECTS will also work with City and State universities for on campus hires of new graduates and alumni on a regular basis.

TECHPROJECTS management team has been marketing services to the Government and many private clients for nearly 10 years. Our experience will help us in taking the right steps in marketing to Federal clients. The key steps taken by TECHPROJECTS’ process of selling professional services to the government will be:
1) Having the right personnel: This is very important in order to meet the needs of our potential customers.
2) Understanding the long-term nature of the sale: Contracts are usually awarded for multi-year projects and we need to plan for resources and financial management accordingly.
3) Proactively sending our business development professionals in the market to match our core strengths with current and emerging opportunities (Fedbizopps and GSA eBuy).
4) Identifying the right opportunities, we can most likely win: Based on our experience, we have learned that going after every RFP is counterproductive. We have to look at our strengths and only go after opportunities which meet our size and capability criteria.
5) Meeting with the key government and industry people involved in those opportunities and setting up meetings with our key staffers – Selling our brand is the key to success.
6) Developing the relationships and establishing our area of expertise – Information from seminars and government forums will give us intelligence on what our customer is looking for. This will allow us to plan accordingly.
7) Pursuing and capturing the business – We have to aggressively pursue business opportunities and initiate capture planning much before a RFP hits the streets.

At Tech Projects, our mission is to provide value for every dollar spent by client, we recognize customer’s need to arrive at optimal solution with low budget. Our global infrastructure maintains a highly qualified personnel and our well unique business model provides opportunities for full time and temporary human resources with our end-client savings.
We have build our business based upon our decades of experience and expertise in Oracle Technology products deployment, configuration, customization, consulting, and staffing experience which enables us to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to our customers.
• Focus on cost, superior quality of solutions for our customer
• Invest on busiding diversified pool of resources
• Quality and Accountability
• Adhere to the highest professional ethics
Tech Projects state-of-the-art software development centre located in Hyderabad, employs industry-leading experts within a world-class technology infrastructure. Focused on servicing India, Asia Pacific as well as US customers, tech Projects IDC team provides options for both on-shore/off-shore models to execute and support end-to-end projects. Opened in 2013, the Hyderabad centre has become a critical and seamlessly integrated part of tech Projects services and success.

Product Knowledge & Expertise

  • The board members are the previous employees (Senior Technical Managers, Functional SME & Product Configuration Experts) of Oracle Corporation product development and Oracle Consulting divisions.

Quality & Reliability

  • We ensure quality of services and solutions by getting the deliverables certified by internal QA team.We deliver the product to customer only after our internal Quality Assurance team is satisfied with quality of the product.We ensure that the product or solution undergoes several rounds of system tests (both manual and automated) before its delivered to end client.So our clients can rest assured about the quality of end product.We have multi tier approval system in place where the test results are shared with Development teams and Executive leadership.Test results require an approval from executive leadership and development leadership before a product is deemed deliverable and shared with our clients.


  • Our prices structure is flexible and is custom tailored for every customer and it is normally 9 to 14 % less than standard market prices for similar services.Our flexible pricing approach makesit easier for our clients to purchase offerings which are in line with budgetary constraints for our clients. Our pricing makes it easier for our customers to add services on requirement basis both for long term and short term.At Tech Projects, our mission is to provide value for every dollar spent by client, we recognize customer’s need to arrive at optimal solution with low budget.

Unique Approach / Exceeding Expectations

  • Tech Projects recognizes that it is necessary to build our business based upon our decades of experience and expertise in Oracle Technology products deployment, configuration, customization, consulting, and staffing experience.Our global infrastructure maintains a highly qualified personnel and our well unique business model provides opportunities for full time and temporary human resources with our end-client savings.

Most reliable in Oracle Technology Staffing

  • Tech Projects is a market leader in providing most reliable source of Oracle Technology professionals. We have the history of placing the best candidates at all levels of Oracle technology skills including Database, Portal, Warehouse, ERP, CRM, Middleware (SOA), etc.

Values That Drive us

  • Focus on cost, superior quality of solutions for our customer
  • Invest on busiding diversified pool of resources
  • Quality and Accountability
  • Adhere to the highest professional ethics

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